In China

The exhibits were packed with care, loaded in two large containers and began their journey from Piraeus to China, in mid-August 2017. In October of the same year, EUREKA arrived in Beijing, followed by our team from Greece, the curator of the exhibition Mrs Claire Palivou, the responsible for the museographical design Mrs Fotini Belliou and the technicians Giannis Exintaris and Sophia Papadopoulou. With the help of our Chinese partners and of the Greek Embassy in Beijing as well, with the contribution of our sponsors like the Institute of Research and Technology, of Daes Company in the insurance of the exhibits and of Hublot in the offer of two collectible watches inspired by the Antikythera Mechanism, a vast industrial space of 1500 square meters turned into an impressive presentation of some of the most brilliant technological achievements of the Greek civilization.

The inauguration took place on November 1st in an exultant way with the presence of the founders of Museum Herakleidon, the Secretary of ΕΔΑΒυΤ, members of the Greek Diplomatic Mission, the President of the Academy of Sciences of China, the head of the Federation of Sciences and Technology, the President of the China Science and Technology Museum in Beijing and a large number of media representatives.

The exhibition stayed in Beijing until the beginning of March 2018. During this period, it received more than 2,500 visitors daily, the response of whom was moving. Beijing was followed by Jinan, the capital city of the province of Shandong, and the Museum of Science and Technology there, with similar success.

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