• Automata

    A journey through the spectacular world of "Automata" of the Ancient Greeks
  • War Technology

    War technology in Ancient Greece. From myth, through prehistory, to history
  • Theodosios P. Tasios

    Profesor emeritus Theodosios P. Tassios, founder and president of ΕΔΑΒυΤ and key figure on making of EUREKA
  • The man responsible for the restoration of Acropolis, a legend in his field, profesor of the NTUA and Academician Manolis Korres


Eureka's website is the starting point for information on Ancient Greek Technology; the space of presentation of the scientific documentation behind every achievement attributed to the ancient Greeks, from prehistory to late Byzantine times; the study and research guide for pupils, students, researchers, professionals or amateurs; the assistant in the search for literature related to the evolution of science, art and technology, and how they influenced and have been influenced by the evolution of civilization in ancient Greece; here is the kiosk where original articles are posted or views are republished, news related to the topic; the living room where scientists, experts, researchers, archaeologists, lovers of Greek antiquity meet each other.

On the website of Eureka, one can find in detail the exhibits inspired by the Ancient Greek Technology, as presented in our exhibitions, in the halls of the Museum Herakleidon. We aspire to provide information about them, concise bibliography, visualizations of any form or descriptions and references to texts from past eras, modern efforts of reconstruction or performance, chronicles related to findings, evaluations and critical efforts, results of experimental archaeology from around the world.

Here you may find the biographical data concerning all those who worked or work to create and document our collections, for the diligence of our exhibitions, for the coordination of our activities.

Here you may find selected news from around the world regarding Ancient Greek Technology and Technology in antiquity in general, as well as comparative references.

Eureka's website is a starting point and destination at the same time. Explore it or start your journey in a wonderful world.

Have a nice trip…!!!

  • The ram

    The ram Since the Mycenean times, the typical ship (the penticontoros) was both a merchant and a war ship; to this end it was equipped with a heavy metallic "ram" at the…

    Technology in Homer

    Technology in Homer Now, after the "happy end" of Theomachy, the Greeks continued to nourish their myths with technological details reflecting to a certain extent their own technical development, as well as their…

    Technology in Hesiod

    Technology in Hesiod It is important to note that in Hesiod, the equilateral triangle of the manifested deity is formed with Titans in one summit, and the Hekatoncheires and the Cyclops in the…

    HOPLITES: Greeks at War! (video)

    HOPLITES: Greeks at War! (video) Animating the illustration of a vase, the creators of this wonderful video depict the weapons and the way the soldiers (hoplites) fought in ancient Greece. It is a short animated…

    EUREKA Exhibition Opening

    EUREKA Exhibition Opening The exhibition “Eureka – Science, Art and Technology of the Ancient Greeks” was inaugurated at the Museum Herakleidon in the presence of a host of museum goers, ambassadors and members…

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