The Idea

The decision of Museum Herakleidon to focus on its educational work, inevitably led to its evolution into a museum of Science and Technology, since the exhibits had to support teaching. Actually, Firos couple wanted to focus on ancient Greek Technology. Perhaps the Alexandrian origin of Paul Firos and the historic past of Alexandria influenced their decision.

In March 2016, the Professor of Philosophy of Hellenic Open University and of NTUA, Mr Byron Kaldis, brings in contact the Museum Herakleidon and the China Science and Technology Museum. In order to ensure the validity and scientific documentation of an exhibition that would represent the country and its history in one of the largest museums of its kind in the world, Paul Firos seeks and achieves the close cooperation with the Greek Association of Research on Ancient Greek and Byzantine Technology (ΕΔΑΒυΤ). In fact, the Professor Emeritus of NTUA and President of ΕΔΑΒυΤ, Theodossios Tassios, becomes the chief scientific consultant. It was in the beginning of 2017, when the collaboration between the two museums and the creation of EUREKA were officially announced. It was also the perfect occasion for this fact to be the first official communiqué as part of the year of cultural exchanges between Greece and China, that was just beginning.

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