Eleni Nomikou

Eleni Nomikou was born and raised in Athens. She served in several sections of Banking up to her retirement. Her involvement with the field of culture begins in 2004, with the appearance of Museum Herakleidon in the Athenian cultural landscape.  She organizes and coordinates the educational programs of the museum and participates actively in the design of the program "Art and Mathematics" which, in the course of time, identifies with the museum and changes the way the educational community approaches the teaching of mathematics and the cultivation of aesthetics.

From 2015, she undertakes the management of the museum and organizes a series of exhibitions and activities. She considers a milestone in her career so far the organization and coordination of the Great Exhibition "Eureka-Science, Art and Technology of the Ancient Greeks", which is currently being exhibited in Museum Herakleidon.

Eleni Nomikou is a culturalist, graduate of the Department of Greek Culture, of the Hellenic Open University.

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