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The moving automatic servant of Philo and Heron

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This automaton combines two mechanisms, separately, described by Philo from Byzantium and Heron from Alexandria. It functions in two stages:

  1. A break is released and the statue moves towards a participant of the symposium. Motion is achieved by means of a counterweight that descends slowly inside the statue. The rope that holds it winds around a pivot that is thus forced to turn and give motion to two hidden wheels. When the counterweight reaches the bottom of the vessel, movement is interrupted.
  2. After the participant has placed a heavy cap on the left hand of the Servant, her arm turns and activates an horizontal latch which slides slowly allowing for the atmospheric pressure to enter a hidden closed vessel of wine. Wine will now pour from the jar that the Servant holds in her right hand. After a while, as the latch is till moving, the air will stop entering the vessel and wine will no longer run. The latch, however, is still in motion and will now repeat the same process from a closed vessel of water this time
  • Additional Info

    • Scale: 1:1
    • Study: T.P. Tassios, M. Korres, S. Oikonomopoulos
    • Construction: M. Korres, S. Oikonomopoulos
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